Once upon a time

There was a girl who was single and happy. She worked to make money to do the things she loved, and was comfortable. She spent all summer with her friends, and all winter working a little extra, living healthy, and enjoying life.

Then she met a boy and fell in love with him. Love is pretty blind, but the boy was a good person with a good heart and good intentions. He still is. She picked up her live and traveled halfway across the country to move in with the boy, leaving behind everything she knew and loved. But she was in love!

She went on to marry the boy, despite being lonely, and all was well for a few months until her life fell apart. It wasn’t the boy’s fault, it was hers. But the boy didn’t try to do much to help. She was depressed, lonely, and developed an eating disorder that still persists. Eventually things got a tiny bit better, but not much. They struggled a lot. The boy loved her and she loved him, but love isn’t everything.

Then along came a beautiful baby. In a perfect world, she would have stayed home with her baby for at least 3 months, but because the boy wouldn’t try harder to help, she had to go back to work even before six weeks was up. It was hard. She was able to manage a day a week home with her baby for that first year, but she couldn’t provide her with the daycare experience she hoped she would have, but they managed.

Things ebbed and flowed, but the constant was that she was lonely and felt unsupported. Some was her own perception, some was the truth. She shut people out because it was easier than getting hurt over and over again, and because she was introverted and didn’t want them.

A few years went by and things were ok. Not good, not great, but ok. They struggled financially, she struggled emotionally and physically. She worked 2, 3, sometimes 4 or more jobs to try to keep the bills paid while the boy would not make an attempt to help more, no matter how much she begged and pleaded. The boy would shut down and walk away.

Finally, the girl saw no other choice but to do what she least wanted to: file bankruptcy. She could not provide for her family enough to pay the monstrous debts that were incurred over the years of struggle. The boy would not try to help more. Initially, she slept a little better, not worrying about the money every single night, but that was short lived. There were times of increased income, and times of less. Very few knew of their struggles.

But the girl’s emotional state was weak. She was more lonely than ever. She thought she had made some friends in her neighborhood, only to find out it was all a farce. She couldn’t afford her therapist anymore. She loves her baby and deep down she loves the boy, but she resents him more than she likes him. She feels trapped away from her friends and loved ones. Every day is a struggle just to get out of bed.

But they managed to continue to get by, somehow, until one day the money stopped again. She hustled to find more work, and although she did, the hours aren’t coming in, There is no such thing as savings, because living paycheck to paycheck doesn’t allow for that. What little extra there is goes into the vacation fund, because the girl would lose her mind if she didn’t get to have a little fun away from the real world once a year. But it is entirely possible that the well-planned getaway this summer won’t happen because there is no money to pay actual bills right now.

The girl doesn’t know what to do. She is out of options. She can’t leave, because it requires money to do so. Staying just drives her into a deeper depression. Her depression manifests in anger towards pretty much everyone, and that just drives everyone away.

She is trying. He is not. She doesn’t know how much longer she can do it. He won’t talk about it. She has to keep doing it, because she has no options to leave.

This is my semi-colon. I need a happy ending.