Violet had her first medical emergency of her life on Wednesday. I say that loosely termed because she just lost and edge while skating and fell and split her chin open. Bleeding was minimal, but she needed 3 stitches. She was a little tearful at the rink and on the drive there, but by the time we got to urgent care she was happy to play in their kids room (which is filled with germs, I’m sure).

But when the Novocaine needle came out, she flipped out. I’ve never seen her so scared, and it scared me because I’ve never had to comfort her over something like this before. Eventually she calmed down and they got her numbed and stitched and headed home.

We made it 7 years and 3 weeks exactly without any sort of trip to the doctor that wasn’t a well child visit. We made it over 6 years before she even vomited. I thank God, or whatever higher power is up there, every day that my child is so healthy. Because I know it could be much different.

I see beautiful children diagnosed with terminal diseases, or cancers that they must fight with every ounce of their being. A Novocaine shot is nothing to them. There are IVs and NG tubes and ostomies and ports. Things I pray my child will never have to know, even as an adult. I don’t know where or how parents find the strength to get through this. I know there really aren’t other choices, you just get through it, but I still can’t imagine it. I wonder where the children get the strength to get through it.

I am grateful every day to have a healthy child. I know it can change in the blink of an eye. I pray it never does.